The term ‘hardworking Councillor’ is one regularly used in a number of Boroughs to describe a number of councillors. Seldom, though, is a title more fitting than when you describe Anita Leech.

With over a decade of party membership to her name, and 8 years already served as a Councillor for Leasowe & Moreton East, Anita has become engrained within the Leasowe community. A varied working week has historically included taking part in leafleting campaigns, door knocking and hosting Councillor Surgeries. This ‘ordinary’ part of a Councillor’s work is commonplace, but what Leasowe has in situ is no ordinary Councillor.

Community-focus is always front and centre of Anita’s activity. Every month, residents in Leasowe and Moreton East will open their curtains on a Saturday morning to the sight of a team led by Anita tidying up public spaces by clearing up any excess litter. She successfully campaigned for new bins to be placed in a number of these areas, and the ward as a whole is a much cleaner place.

Investment coming into the area is also something on which Anita can boast a fine track record. A lobbying campaign to United Utilities to repair some persistent flooding was a huge success and relief for almost 100 families. A grant funding bid to improve drainage on the Sandbrook estate was also successful.

Other community focused initiatives included fundraising to set up and run support groups for victims of domestic abuse. This was carried out in Anita’s capacity as Domestic Abuse Champion for the Wirral.

Anita represents all that is good about Community Representation. As well as being a trade unionist and member of Unite, she has spent years campaigning on issues such as housing, road safety and retaining community services wherever possible. This set of values are what may have persuaded the people of Leasowe and Moreton East to elect a Labour Councillor into a previously Conservative held seat. And they have not been let down.

Neither, it seems, has the Labour Group. Last year, Anita was appointed Deputy Leader of Wirral Borough Council. A demanding role that goes above and beyond that of a Councillor, Anita has been working on the creation and development of Wirral’l Local Plan, an extensive document that gives focus to what the Local Authority is doing in each department in the coming years. This, along with the necessity to develop working relationships with the Combined Authority, Party Members, Central Government and strategic partners has been, at times, challenging. But if anyone is up to the task, it’s Anita Leech.

You can contact Anita by emailing

If you’d like to take part in Anita’s local election campaign this year, please email and follow Leasowe and Moreton East on Twitter – @LeasoweMoreton1