Jo was first elected to represent Bromborough in 2018 and has been on a rapid rise ever since. An extremely popular ward councillor known for her tenacity and loyalty, Jo will be standing again as Bromborough’s candidate in May 2020 after being overwhelmingly selected to stand again by members of the local Branch.

Jo is from good socialist stock. Her parents are long serving party members and trade unionists. Indeed, it was Jo’s teenage years, growing up in the 1980s in Birkenhead, that would form the basis of her politics that remain so fervently strong today. “I used to collect food money for striking miners that were staying at our house,” Jo recalls. The passion for helping people was never too far from the fore, as Jo spent the following 25 years working with Co-Operatives and Trade Unions.

In 2015, Jo was inspired to join the Labour Party by the leadership’s vision of socialism. It didn’t take long for members to see firsthand Jo’s commitment to social inclusion and natural justice, as she stood in solidarity with campaigners against NHS cuts, Cammell Laird workers and the staff at Asda in the respective campaigns against job casualisation.

Fellow party members encouraged Jo stand as a Labour Council candidate in 2018, with Jo running an inspired campaign in Bromborough (she had also run a positive campaign in Eastham some months earlier). 

By 2019, Jo became secretary of Wirral’s Labour Group, working alongside the Council leader and deputy leaders to communicate the message and direction of the Labour Group whilst championing its core principles of socialism, social justice and democracy. During this time, Jo has been a big advocate for all units of the party working in tandem. For the first time in a long time, a proactive approach is being taken in engaging the Labour Group with the Local Campaign Forum (where Jo is also a Delegate). This has led the way to collaborative working, including Wirral Labour Party’s own manifesto development. 

Within her own ward of Bromborough, Jo continues to carry out her role as diligently and effectively as ever. She has led on campaigns to bring about justice to the people of New Ferry following a gas explosion that decimated an entire community. Jo’s tireless lobbying at local and regional level has been well received by local residents. 

So what’s next for Jo? Hopefully re-election in Bromborough in May. By this time, we could well be looking at Councillor Jo Bird, member of Labour’s National Executive Committee. Nominations for CLP representatives on the NEC have now opened, and Jo has already received more than 20 from CLPs across the country.

Jo remains an entirely open and approachable councillor. If you have any queries or questions for Jo, you can contact her by emailing; or via Twitter – @jobird4riv