Julie McManus is currently in her first term representing Bidston & St James ward and currently sits on the Cabinet with the portfolio of Community Services.

Julie first joined the Labour Party in 2018, having become “fed up of shouting at the telly!” Before long, she was a regular attendee at her local Branch meetings, before joining the panel of Council candidates.

Bidston and St James Branch selected Julie as their Candidate for the 2016 Local Election and she hasn’t looked back since.

Like many of our membership, Julie comes from solid Labour stock. Her father was a Trade Unionist and Shop Steward, although he was happy to let a young Julie find her own way and make her own political decisions.

“I remember the first time I was allowed to vote, and my Dad brought in a bundle of newspapers a couple of days before the election. He told me to have a good look and decide for myself. It was an easy decision to make!”

Before long, Julie’s own political values and principles would come into the workplace, working closely with trade unions and staff members during her time as an HR manager.

In recent times, Julie has ventured into the Charity Sector. She currently works as Centre Manager for the ‘Little Centre’ on the Beechwood Estate, taking part in fundraising, community initiatives and trying to make it sustainable all year round. This also involved working with RSLs and some hard to reach groups on a weekly basis.

When she isn’t being ‘Councillor Julie McManus,’ Julie enjoys gardening, reading, and looking after her 3 chihuahuas, as well as spending time with her family.

You can contact Julie by emailing juliemcmanus@wirral.gov.uk