A lifelong Labour voter and proud Wallasey resident representing his home ward of Seacombe, Paul was first elected in 2016.

“It is one of the proudest experiences of my life.  I’m privileged to be an elected representative of the community of which I live, work and raise my family. I feel Labour is the only real hope for the vulnerable in our society and the only voice for our struggling communities”.

Over the past decade as a Labour Party member, Paul has campaigned across all four CLP’s in Wirral in General Elections, Local and by-elections, fighting for fairer funding, against Tory austerity, for a fully funded NHS, against NHS closures and privatisations – to bring about a Labour-run council and a Labour Government.

Paul has held many positions within the Party. At Branch he has been Secretary, chair, vice chair, treasurer and campaign coordinator. At Constituency he has been Vice Chair. As branch delegate to the Local Campaign Forum Paul was LCF secretary and panel coordinator. It’s a level of commitment that epitomises Paul’s dedication to serving the Labour Party in any way he is able.

Born locally, in Ilchester Road, Paul and wife Katherine still live in our ward and have brought up their family of four in Seacombe.

Leaving school at sixteen Paul worked in the construction industry, catering & hospitality, and the care sector. While working, caring for elderly and disabled people, he continued his education to gain social care qualifications.

A Labour activist, school governor, and participant in local charities Paul is very much a representative and committed part of the Seacombe community.

Spend a few minutes chatting to Paul and it won’t be long before you find out what brought him to the Labour Party in the first place.

“I’ve always been a Labour voter. My grandfather was an active union member in the Stone Manganese and believed in fighting for workers’ rights. This continued through my parents and in me. Being brought up in the 80’s and 90’s where disparity between rich and poor was more glaring than ever. The Tories’ economic policies “unemployment – a price worth paying”. Our household really felt the consequences of that.”

It would be a few more years of Conservative rule that decimated the economy and social mobility of many people in Seacombe and beyond. A Labour Government in 1997 started to bring about positive change for local residents. For Paul, the desire to become more active in the Party was brought about by what he describes as his ‘vote being stolen.’

“A Labour Councillor had defected to a rival Party. I and many other residents voted to elect a Labour Councillor. When he chose to cross the floor, I felt that my vote had been stolen.”

Before long Paul, and indeed several family members, set about turning Seacombe ‘Red’ again. Then in 2016, Paul decided it was time to make the leap and become a Ward Councillor himself. Since then, Paul has held roles across different areas of the Council.

Paul chaired the Environment O&S committee – scrutinising Leisure & Community Services, Safer Neighbourhoods, Housing, Flood & Coastal Erosion Risk Management, Wirral Community Safety and Crime & Disorder.

Paul has been the Cabinet Member for Law and Order under which he led the Anti-domestic Violence Campaign and through his motion to Council, special paid leave for victims of domestic abuse has become Council staffing policy, launched the ‘Zero Tolerance to Domestic Abuse Business Quality Mark’ in 2018, chaired Wirral Domestic Abuse Alliance & the Safer Wirral Partnership Board, signed Wirral up to the Cooperative Party Charter Against Modern Slavery and oversaw Phase 2 of the Safer Wirral Hub – a multi-agency service comprising services from Wirral Council, Merseyside Police, MFRS, voluntary sector organisations & housing associations, delivering joined-up community safety service for Wirral- at the time the only type of service in the UK, with other authorities looking to replicate our model. The Safer Wirral Hub was shortlisted in the Public/Public Partnership category for LGC awards 2018.

Paul currently Chairs the Licensing Act 2003 & Licensing GP committees.

A busy and eventful 4 years to say the least. Last year, Paul accepted the role of Election Agent for Wallasey’s long-serving MP Angela Eagle, retaining the seat with an 18,322 majority for Labour.

When he isn’t being Councillor Paul Stuart, Paul is a dedicated family man. He and his wife have four children of their own, one in university studying social work and child nursing, one is doing an apprenticeship in engineering with two in secondary school. Clearly not busy enough, they have both taken on the amazing role of Local Authority foster carers.

Paul also spends time fundraising for local charities, raising thousand every year for local good causes.’ Anybody in Wallasey that has witnessed the ‘Santa’ sleigh in their street in the build up to Christmas – Paul (Santa’s not so little helper) helped to make it possible! Community representation at its very finest.


You can contact Councillor Paul Stuart by emailing paulstuart@wirral.gov.uk