New council houses to help those most in need

Wirral’s Labour-led Housing Committee has recommended to the Council’s Policy & Resources committee the purchase of six new social rented housing properties to directly help those with the greatest need as part of the seven oaks project in Rock Ferry.

Committee Chair Councillor Julie McManus says: “This is a really exciting time for the Borough. Wirral’s housing Strategy has supported the 2020 Plan, clearly setting out the long-term strategic housing direction for the borough. This has supported the delivery of new homes by working with registered providers to deliver more social sector homes for those in housing need. In total, 687 new affordable homes have been built over the last five years in Wirral.

“Building on this, appropriate organisations will be supported to continue to deliver new energy-efficient social housing sector homes, as we begin to deliver the new Wirral Plan 2025, Cool 2 Climate Change Strategy, and Local Plan targets.
“These new homes will be built with specific adaptation needs and to an enhanced energy efficiency specification and may even include the installation of solar photovoltaics for these properties. There is a real opportunity here to progress delivery of more new social housing sector homes, which will directly benefit people in housing need.”

These homes will offer safe, secure accommodation for people who might otherwise not be able to find a property to rent due to their specialist adaptation need.

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