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Local Campaign Forum

Local Campaign Forums are based on Council Boundaries, allowing members of CLPs across the District to meet together. It is from here that we plan our Local Election strategy, identify possible candidates and seek to work alongside the current Labour Group of Councillors. Membership comprises of the Leader and Deputy Leader of the Labour Group as well as delegates from Branch and Constituency Labour Parties.

Meet The Candidates

Meet the fantastic group of Labour Party candidates for the 2021 local elections.

Our Pledges

Earlier this year, the incoming group leadership made a promise. A promise to develop policy from the doorstep rather than from an office. The feedback we receive will dictate what goes into our manifesto for 2020. We’ve already had two extremely successful and informative policy conferences, where members were given the opportunity to speak with the Labour Group. We’re looking to build on this success by launching a truly people-powered campaign into next year and beyond.


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