Wirral’s Labour Group to Donate £6,000 to Local Communities

Wirral Council Labour Group has voted to donate £6,000, from their personal campaign fund.  Wirral Labour Group would have spent the funds on the local elections which were due to have been held this coming Thursday.  In the spirit of all who are supporting our communities, we join the many residents and businesses from across the borough, by voting to send essential funding in order to help feed those hardest hit here on Wirral. This includes funding for Wirral Foodbanks.

Leader of Wirral’s Labour Group and Council Leader, Cllr Pat Hackett, said:

Given that the local elections due to be held this week have been rescheduled for next year, Wirral Council Labour Group voted to donate £6,000 that we would have spent on leaflets, posters and campaigning during the elections,  on supporting our communities across the borough, during the Covid-19 Lockdown.

Cllr Hackett continued:

We know how tough the lockdown has been for many within our communities.  Areas such as ours have been hit hard by Covid-19, with significant impacts on health and economic wellbeing.  Which is why Wirral Labour, like so many residents and businesses on our peninsula, want to contribute to Wirral Foodbank, who are endeavouring to help those who need extra support at this time.

Wirral has shown it is a caring and compassionate community, our residents, our local businesses and our service providers.  We have done what was asked of us and we now call on central Government to ensure funding is in place to help us through the lockdown and beyond.

Deputy Group Leader, Cllr Janette Williamson, went on to comment:

Back in March, Wirral Labour, opposed by the local Tories, passed a No Cuts Budget, a budget that protected services and protected jobs on Wirral.  The Coronavirus lockdown has created more demand on our already stretched services.  The COVID-19 crisis has seen us celebrate the vital role of keyworkers in our community, when we return to the ‘new normal’ we must ensure we have the finances from Government in order to continue the delivery of essential services.

Wirral Labour balanced the books and kept to our values, now is the time for the Government to keep their word, protect our services and ensure the residents of Wirral get the funding and support the Treasury and the Government pledged back in March.

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